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All courses are FREE with your Counselor 101 Subscription.  Each course is CEU eligible and provides you with an immediate, downloadable and printable CEU Certificate upon completion. 


1.  Click the desired course below

2.  Enroll at Clearhope Training (ONE-TIME ENROLLMENT)

3.  Use Coupon Code:  ALLACCESS2022 for all courses

4.  Credit Card info is required, but will not be charged (***BE SURE TO USE THE COUPON CODE)

5.  Take advantage of your ALL-ACCESS Subscription!

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BURNOUTor Cumulated Stress_Title1.jpg
Diagnosing and Treating ADHD_Title Slide.jpg
Good Grief_Title Graphic.jpg
Notes Seminar Part 3 Documenting Progress_Title Slide.jpg
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Telehealth & Children


A New Normal_Main Slide_For Web.jpg
A Response to Racism_Cover_c101.jpg
How to Build a Strong Therapeutic Allian
25 Ways to Build Therapeutic Alliance_Ma
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