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heather lambert, LPC

I am Heather Lambert and Counselor101 is my dream come true for YOU!  I spent 17 years in public education, most of that time, I was a high school Spanish teacher. I still remember the FIRST student that came into my school counselor's office on the first day of my first year.  I was terrified! I had learned a lot in my educational programs about theories, history, and ethics, but I didn't feel prepared to do THE important work of helping.


Fast forward 6 years, and when I began my private practice with JUST me in a tiny cleaned out storage room at my church, I remember struggling with the same fears of imposter syndrome.  I also remember quickly becoming lonely and feeling isolated.  Not long after, I began to realize just how little I knew about the "business" of being a therapist.  So, Counselor101 is birthed from my own needs, my own experiences.  My desire is that Counselor101 would encourage, empower, and educate YOU to be the best, well-equipped, well-connected, well-supported helper possible!  Let's do this!

A Word from Heather
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